A Better Medium for All Video Entertainment

As well as anime, just about every television show and the movie can be found on the internet today.  So much so that there are more people every day canceling their monthly cable service.

One of the most popular TV and movie provider for the internet is known as Netflix.  At a very cheap monthly rate, Netflix provides hundreds of thousands to perhaps millions of people video entertainment that you’d usually find on TV.  The punchline is that it’s a fraction of the cost of your cable service provider, and has absolutely no commercials.

Netflix isn’t the only service to do it there are a massive amount of companies that have caught on and are trying to work their selves into the industry.  Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and even YouTube Red seems to be working on it.  With the video entertainment that’s on all of these platforms alone, there’s no one out there that could take the time to enjoy it all. Continue reading “A Better Medium for All Video Entertainment”

Is This New Form of Growing Video Entertainment the Future?

As the internet brought a better way to deliver us what some still enjoy through their cable service today, it brought us many new forms of video entertainment that studios would be too afraid to share on television.

One that is rapidly growing in popularity in just the past couple of years is live online video streaming.  Examples of such live streaming services are Twitch, Hitbox, Daily Motion, YouTube Live Gaming, and more.

TV stations have numerous times used live streaming in the past for special occasions such as the Super Bowl with only a few minute delay.  This new video entertainment sensation is something entirely different.  Not only is it purely live with usually less than a minute delay, but it’s most popularly used with a different kind of content all together. Continue reading “Is This New Form of Growing Video Entertainment the Future?”

Making Video Entertainment Even Better with Animation

Another thing that some considered odd in the television industry is the length that animation has come in the past decades.  If it’s not considered odd, then it can arguably be said that it was unpredicted.

The concept of animation likely started way back when comic strips were a regular source of entertainment for people in the United States.  An artist could create a comic strip, or even a comic book, and create an entirely fictional world with his two hands alone that people would share their love for.  Similar to the transition from photos to video, someone got the idea of moving comics.  In other words, they would “animate” their fictional drawings, and creations.

The animation is a personal favorite of mine because it provides endless boundaries for the writer’s creative mind.  The technology is there to create an entirely new world, or universe around even to the lengths that science couldn’t possible duplicate in the real world.

Work done by Pixar, and Disney is likely the most abundantly recognized example of this.  From their earlier work such as Cinderella to one of the most famous movies known as Toy Story, and finally some of their more recent work such as Cars.  For the most part, the general population will always go to examples of animation aimed at children first because cartoons are a brilliant example of animation that most of us will have forever engraved into our child hoods.  Although, it has at least a couple other forms such as CGI, or Japanese Anime. Continue reading “Making Video Entertainment Even Better with Animation”

The Strange Phenomena That is Reality Television

A particular TV genre that’s grown more prevalent in recent years is reality TV.

Reality television is a genre that’s meant to help people get immersed into what it’s like in the daily life of someone else.  Normally someone else who has either a unique job or lifestyle that others wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.  That includes celebrities such as Hulk Hogan, or jobs such as crab fishing.  Television networks such as Discovery will sign a contract with either the company, or family, and follow them around with a crew of professional camera men to capture everything in their daily lives.

A friend of mine was interviewed for a reality show called Plumbers Danville.

It’ll drive some people who’ve participated in it insane with the lack of privacy they sometimes have to endure.  On some occasions, they’ll even catch quite a few things that the participants wish were not on camera.  It’s a prospect that the viewers love because it is a real life non-scripted drama that no one could properly replicate while at the same time immersing their selves in a life that’s potentially not eventful as their own. Continue reading “The Strange Phenomena That is Reality Television”

From the Movie Screen to Your TV at Home

Well after that first stop motion capture that happened over one hundred years ago, the sound was added, and the performances improved.  Eventually, the idea of a moving picture became very prominent to the point that someone began wondering why they couldn’t put it in every home.

Thankfully they did. Otherwise, we may not have a fraction of the entertainment we have in our very own homes today.  Without TV’s we probably wouldn’t have computer monitors, and wouldn’t be able to do the incredible things, we do today that people just fifty years ago wouldn’t have believed.  If you think about it, there’s arguably not a single person in the United States that doesn’t look at some screen at least once every day on their smartphone, computer, or TV. Continue reading “From the Movie Screen to Your TV at Home”

How Video Entertainment Started

Video didn’t necessarily start where many people think it did.  It wasn’t a hug red carpet event that thousands of people traveled from around the world to see.  In fact, what could be considered the first movie wasn’t even meant for entertainment purposes.  Like many inventions, it was something created as a tool meant to answer a scientific question.  This question, in particular, being about how a horse runs, and whether or not all four of a horse’s hooves are ever at any point entirely off of the ground at the same time.

It may not seem like a very important question, but it was something that many horse owners argued over.  Just like any argument, they eventually had to find conclusive evidence that settled the matter for good.

You may find it hard enough to believe today, but it was over one hundred years ago that this happened.  It was in the form of “stop motion,” and was done using multiple photos taken with many photo cameras that were pieced together to appear like one moving picture.  It was commissioned by a California senator who was a well-known horse owner, and who later founded Stanford University. Continue reading “How Video Entertainment Started”